(A)   At the discretion of the Superintendent, the Superintendent may use general permits to control SIU discharges to the POTW if the following conditions are met. All facilities to be covered by a general permit must:
      (1)   Involve the same or substantially similar types of operations;
      (2)   Discharge the same types of wastes;
      (3)   Require the same effluent limitations;
      (4)   Require the same or similar monitoring; and
      (5)   In the opinion of the Superintendent, are more appropriately controlled under a general permit than under individual wastewater discharge permits.
   (B)   To be covered by the general permit, the SIU must file a written request for coverage that identifies its contact information, production processes, the types of wastes generated, the location for monitoring all wastes covered by the general permit, any requests in accordance with § 33.243(B) for a monitoring waiver for a pollutant neither present nor expected to be present in the discharge, and any other information the POTW deems appropriate. A monitoring waiver for a pollutant neither present nor expected to be present in the discharge is not effective in the general permit until after the Superintendent has provided written notice to the SIU that such a waiver request has been granted in accordance with § 33.243(B).
   (C)   The Superintendent will retain a copy of the general permit, documentation to support the POTW’s determination that a specific SIU meets the criteria in § 33.155(A)(1) to (5) and applicable state regulations, and a copy of the user’s written request for coverage for three (3) years after the expiration of the general permit.
   (D)   The Superintendent may not control an SIU through a general permit where the facility is subject to production-based categorical pretreatment standards or categorical pretreatment standards expressed as mass of pollutant discharged per day or for IUs whose limits are based on the combined wastestream formula (§ 33.053(C)) or net/gross calculations (§ 33.053(D)).
(Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)