(A)   No member of the department shall receive or accept any reward from any person for any service rendered in the line of his duty.
      (1)   However, as to all rewards received by members of the Police Department, where the individual has contributed outstanding work in the recovery of property, etc., a written report will be made to the Mayor, outlining the case in question.
      (2)    The reward will be submitted to the police pension fund.
   (B)   No member of the department shall accept any fee, reward, or gift of any kind from persons arrested or from any friend in his behalf while he is in custody or after his release or discharge.
   (C)   Members of the department shall not solicit contributions for a fund for the purpose of presenting other members of the department with a gift, unless authorized by the Chief of Police. 
   (D)   No member of the department shall accept bribes of money, gifts, or other articles of apparent or actual value.
(1976 Code, App. F, §§ 29-31)
Cross reference:
   Disciplinary action, see § 22.454