(A)   All disciplinary action against any and all members of the Police Department, and appeals therefrom, shall be conducted in accordance with KRS 15.520, 95.765 and 95.766. Copies of these statutes will be available to members of the Police Department.
   (B)   The following behavior shall constitute grounds for punishment or suspension:
      (1)   Loitering in a bar while off-duty and wearing any part of his uniform;
      (2)   Using unnecessary force or brutality in making arrests or handling prisoners;
      (3)   Using indecent, profane, or obscene language while on duty or in uniform;
      (4)   Conduct unbecoming to an officer or prejudicial to the service;
      (5)   Violation of departmental rules, state law, or the code of the city;
      (6)   Being absent from duty without proper permission or sufficient excuse;
      (7)   Preventable impoliteness or rudeness in the performance of duty;
      (8)   Untidiness or disarray of person or uniform while on duty;
      (9)   Garnishment twice for just debts contracted during city employment; or
      (10)   Communicating confidential information relating to police work without permission of the Chief of Police.
   (C)   The following behavior shall constitute grounds for dismissal from service, as well as for suspension or other punishment, in accordance with KRS 95.450:
      (1)   Being intoxicated in public, on or off-duty;
      (2)   Drinking intoxicating liquor while on duty or wearing any part of his uniform;
      (3)   Insubordination or disrespect to a superior officer, Mayor, or City Commissioner;
      (4)   Loitering in a bar while on duty;
      (5)   Conviction of a felony, or loss of driving privileges, by reason of Kentucky Department of Public Safety Regulations-DI 9-10;
      (6)   Cowardice, inefficiency, neglect in the performance of duty, or disobedience of proper orders of a superior officer;
      (7)   Such mental or physical incapacity or disability as would render him incapable of properly performing his duties;
      (8)   Abandonment or failure to support his family; or
      (9)   Any immoral habits or improper conduct which would make him an unfit person for employment by the city Police Department.
      (10)   Any domestic violence order.
(1976 Code, App. F, § 36)