Members and employees of the Police Department shall treat their superior officers with respect, and in their demeanor toward other associates in the department, shall be courteous and considerate, guarding themselves against jealousy and other unfriendly feelings.  It is their duty to inform their superior officers of any neglect or disobedience of orders that may come to their knowledge.  Members and employees shall not, under any circumstances, or in any manner whatsoever, speak critically or derogatorily to any member of the department, or to any person outside the department, regarding the orders or instructions issued by a superior officer; provided, however, in any case where there is sound reason to believe that such orders or instructions are inconsistent or unjust, it is the right and duty of any member or employee to appeal to higher authority.  In the event of a complaint made by one officer with regard to the conduct or attitude of another officer, the matter shall be first referred to the complainant’s shift commander.  Complaints by any member of the general public against any member of the department shall be handled pursuant to the provisions of the state law and as provided in this article.
(1976 Code, App. F, § 10)
Cross reference:
   Disciplinary action, see § 22.454