(A)   The owner of the motor vehicle shall be charged for towing or removing the vehicle. These amounts shall be equivalent to the charges that the towing agency charges for this service.
   (B)   Impoundment costs - assessment to owner. The requirements are as follows:
      (1)   The proceeds of sale of an abandoned vehicle in accordance with this chapter shall be credited against all costs incident to the removal, storage and disposal of such vehicle.
      (2)   If such costs exceed the proceeds of sale, the Police Department shall cause to be prepared and forwarded to the bureau a statement identifying the vehicle and showing the costs incurred in the removal, towing, storage and disposal of such vehicle, accompanied by the sale price thereof, and bearing a certification that:
         (a)   The last owner of said vehicle was mailed a notice of the removal and the pending disposition of the vehicle;
         (b)   The notice contained a statement of all the costs incidental to such removal, storage and disposal; and
         (c)   Such costs remain unpaid.
(Ord. 2013-05, passed 8-20-13)