If in the officer’s opinion the market value of the abandoned vehicle or parts is at least $100, the officer, before placing a notice tag on the vehicle or parts, shall make a reasonable effort to ascertain the person who owns the vehicle or parts or who may be in control of the vehicle or parts. After 72 hours, the officer shall require the vehicle or parts to be towed to a storage area. If the person who holds a lien upon a vehicle does not appear within 15 days after receiving notice by certified mail that this chapter has been violated, the unit may sell the vehicle or parts by either of the following methods.
   (A)   The Paoli Police Department may sell the vehicle or parts to the highest bidder at a public sale. Notice of the sale shall be given under I.C. 5-3-1, except that only one newspaper insertion one week before the public sale is required.
   (B)   If the property remains unclaimed for 15 days after given notice, the Paoli Police Department may sell the vehicle or part as unclaimed property.
(Ord. 2013-05, passed 8-20-13)