(a)   General.  The Commission shall review all information presented to it at the public hearing and shall adopt a recommendation that the nominated landmark does or does not meet the criteria for designation as herein prescribed.  The recommendation shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The Commission's rationale for recommending approval or denial of the nomination;
      (2)   When a recommendation to approve designation of a landmark, the significant feature or features in the exterior architectural appearance of the landmark that should be protected and preserved; and
      (3)   Any other pertinent comments.
   (b)   Landmarks.  Within forty-five days after the public hearing, the Commission shall transmit to the Council its recommendation in the form specified by Section 1492.07(a). The failure of the Commission to act within forty-five days after the hearing, or such further time to which the applicant may agree, shall be deemed a recommendation for the approval of the application for designation as submitted.  The Council shall act promptly on that recommendation.
   (c)   Recommendations on File.  All recommendations by the Commission shall be filed with the Village Manager .
(Ord. 2005-01.  Passed 1-10-05.)