(a)   Number.  There shall be not more than one real estate "for sale" sign per zoning lot.
   (b)   Area and Height.
      (1)   In all residential district, no real estate "for sale" shall have more than two exposed faces or a gross surface area larger than five square feet per face.
      (2)   In all nonresidential districts, no real estate "for sale" sign shall have more than two exposed faces or a gross surface area larger than eight square feet per face.
   (c)   Location. A real estate "for sale" sign shall be located only upon the premises for sale or lease.  Any such sign is prohibited on public property unless special permission is granted by the Commissioner of Public Property and Building due to special circumstances concerning an individual lot.
   (d)   Ground Signs.  No ground sign more than four feet in height is permitted.
   (e)   Directional Signs.  Directional signs are only permitted as provided in Section 1480.15, and if they are not in accordance with such section, the Police Department is hereby authorized to remove such signage.
   (f)   Removal. A real estate "for sale" sign shall be removed immediately upon the execution of a contract for the sale or lease of the premises upon which such sign is placed.  However, a "sold" sign shall be permitted for a maximum period of two weeks from the date of such sale or lease.  "Sold" signs shall conform in all respects to the requirements for real estate signs as set forth in this section.  In addition, "sold" signs shall be dated as of the date they are placed on the premises so that the two-week period can be clearly identified by the Police Department.
   (g)   Permits Required. Permits shall only be required for the placement of signs on Village property in accordance with subsection (c) hereof.
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