(a)   No person shall erect, repair, alter, relocate or maintain a sign or other advertising structure in the Village without first obtaining a permit therefor and paying the required fee. All illuminated signs shall, in addition, be subject to the provisions of the Electrical and Building Codes of the Village, and real estate signs shall be subject to Section 1480.14. Minor repairs and maintenance are not governed by this chapter.
   The Building Commissioner, upon the filing of an application for a sign permit, shall examine all plans, specifications and other data and the premises upon which a sign is to be erected, and issue the permit only if the proposal meets the requirements of this chapter and all other relevant laws and ordinances. If the work authorized under the sign permit has not been completed within six months from the date of issuance of such permit, such permit shall become null and void.
   (b)   Permit fees shall be as follows:
      (1)   Ground or wall signs.
         A.   Signs less than five square feet   $ 5.00
         B.   Signs in excess of five square feet    10.00 per square foot
      (2)   Real estate signs (for sale, for rent, etc.)    No fee required
   (Adopting Ordinance; Ord. 2000-2.  Passed 2-14-00; Ord. 2001-15.  Passed 3-12-01.)