(a)   All garbage and rubbish collection service bills shall be deemed delinquent if not paid on or before their due date as provided for in Section 1049.11.  No less than two business days after the due date, the Village shall cause a notice (referred to as the second notice), relative to any unpaid bill, to be sent by first-class mail to the consumer, and to the taxpayer whose name is shown on the real estate tax bill for the parcel involved, as the owner of record if the consumer is not the owner.  Said notice shall state as follows:
      (1)   That the bill is delinquent;
      (2)   The date and time of a payment hearing date for consumers or owners who would like to dispute or discuss the bill, with said date being no less than the greater of ten days following the date of the mailing of the notice or fifteen days following the due date; and
      (3)   That if the bill remains unpaid, and if the individual fails to attend the hearing, or attends the hearing and does not successfully dispute the bill or come to a settlement in relation to the bill, a fine may be imposed as provided for in Section 1049.99 of this Code.
   (b)   The hearing provided for by this section shall be conducted at the Village's offices, during the normal business hours of the Village, by the Village Administrator or his or her designee.
(Ord. 2006-48.  Passed 12-11-06.)