(A)   All signs erected, placed or designed in a manner contrary to the provisions of this chapter, including signs permitted under a special exception or variance, prior to August 9, 1983, shall be deemed nonconforming signs; and nonconforming signs shall be removed or altered so as to comply with this chapter, including the utilization of all procedural steps, within three years of August 9, 1983.
   (B)   Any sign advertising a nonexistent or defunct business or activity or a business or activity for which a required occupational license has not been procured shall be removed by the owner of the property on which the sign stands within 30 days of notice to do so by the Town Building Official.
   (C)   Any nonconforming sign that requires repair, replacement or re-erection for any reason, and the cost exceeds 50% of the original value, shall be re-erected; or signs may be modified to advertise different businesses or services from those which they advertised on August 9, 1983.
(2000 Code, § 54-61)  (Ord. 83-3, passed 8-9-1983; Ord. 2016-02, passed 4-26-2016)