Utility Tax Code
   34.01   Title; authority for regulation
   34.02   Definitions
   34.03   Public service tax on electricity, metered natural gas, metered or bottled liquified petroleum gas and metered or bottled manufactured gas and water service
   34.04   Taxable telecommunications services; tax levied
   34.05   Liability for failure to collect
   34.06   Keeping of records
   34.07   Exemption of records
   34.08   Late return of tax payments by seller
Recreational Impact Fees
   34.25   Fee required
   34.26   Calculation of fees
   34.27   Credit for private recreation areas
   34.28   Calculation of credit for acceptable facilities
   34.29   Credit for the dedication of lands for active recreation uses
   34.30   Time of payment
   34.31   Uses of fees paid
Public Facilities Impact Fee
   34.45   Short title and intent
   34.46   Fee required
   34.47   Time of payment
   34.48   Use of fees paid
   34.49   Exemptions
   34.50   Interpretation of public facilities impact fee code; appeals to Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals
   34.51   Review
   34.99   Penalty