(A)   Septic tank permits shall not be issued for lots where central sewage is available or can reasonably be made available. Prior to submitting a new subdivision to the County Health Department for approval, the developer shall first determine the location of the nearest or most adequate existing central sewage system and shall contact the utility to determine the availability and feasibility of obtaining service. The utility’s reply to the inquiry shall be in writing, with a copy to the Health Department. Where an existing utility is not available to provide central sewerage service, the developer shall have an engineer registered in the state determine the feasibility of providing a central sewerage system to serve the proposed subdivision. A copy of the report of the feasibility determination shall be submitted to the County Health Department for review.
   (B)   Where it is shown to the satisfaction of the County Health Department that central sewerage service cannot be feasibly provided either from an existing system or by development of a subdivision system, the developer may submit four sets of completed subdivision analysis forms, including submittals outlined in the instructions of the forms, to the County Health Department for review. Forms may be obtained from any of the offices of the County Health Department. The completed forms shall constitute an application pending the future availability of central sewerage service.
   (C)   No subdivision shall be approved for waste disposal by individual septic tank systems except when the septic tank suitability requirements of the rules, regulations and standards of the County Health Department are met by the buildable area of each lot in the subdivision.
   (D)   Where the County Health Department’s septic tank suitability requirements can be met and the central sewerage service is not considered available and feasible, individual septic tank disposal systems may be allowed for single-family dwellings according to the following schedules:
      (1)   With public water supply, septic tank density ratio equals one gray water tank per half acre of lot area and one black water tank; and
      (2)   With individual wells, one gray water tank per half acre of lot area and one black water tank.
   (E)   Multi-family and commercial installation requirements shall be determined individually by the County Health Department.
(2000 Code, § 58-349)  (Ord. 88-01, passed 5-24-1988)