§ 155.005  LOTS.
   (A)   The lot size, width, depth, shape, orientations and the minimum building setback lines shall be appropriate for the location of the subdivision and for the type of development and use contemplated.
   (B)   Lot dimensions shall conform to the requirements of the zoning ordinances.
      (1)   Residential lots where not served by public sewers shall be of sufficient size to accommodate a septic tank and leaching field. State and local health regulations and standards as well as soil conditions will control lot size in these circumstances.
      (2)   Depth and width of properties reserved or laid out for commercial and industrial purposes shall be adequate to provide for the off-street service and parking facilities required by the type of use and development contemplated.
   (C)   The subdivision of the land shall be such as to provide by means of a public street each lot with satisfactory access to an existing public street.
   (D)   Double-frontage and reverse-frontage lots should be avoided except where essential to provide separation of residential development from traffic arteries or to overcome specific disadvantages of topography and orientation. A planting screen easement of at least ten feet, across which there shall be no right of access, shall be provided along the line of lots abutting a traffic artery or other disadvantageous use.
   (E)   Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street lines.
(2000 Code, § 58-150)  (Ord. 88-01, passed 5-24-1988)  Penalty, see § 10.99