(A)   The enacting clause of all ordinances shall be: “Be It Ordained by the Town Council of Palm Shores, Florida.”
   (B)   No ordinance shall be adopted until second reading of the ordinance, except an emergency ordinance may be adopted upon one reading.
   (C)   Ordinances may be read by title only. Except as may be provided for in § 30.05 the procedures set forth in F.S. § 166.041 concerning the adoption of ordinances and resolutions shall govern.
   (D)   Every ordinance, upon its adoption, shall be signed by the Mayor and by the Town Clerk; and when so signed, it shall become effective then, unless otherwise provided in the ordinance.
   (E)   Before introduction, all ordinances and resolutions shall be reduced to writing. Resolutions shall be signed by the Mayor and by the Town Clerk.
(Laws of Fla., Ch. 59-1708, Art. III, §§ 17, 18)  (2000 Code, § 2-35) (Ord. 2013-07, passed 9-24-2013)
Statutory reference:
   Uniform minimum mandatory procedure for adoption of ordinances and resolutions, see F.S. § 166.041