The purpose of this subchapter is to regulate, within the town those games, machines or devices which are unlawful under F.S. Ch. 849, because the machines are slot machines or devices as defined herein and in F.S. Ch. 849. The Town Council finds that evidence has been propounded indicating that slot machines or devices can lead to gambling addictions, along with the secondary consequences that the addictions impose upon the community, including increases in crime, debt, suicide and other negative effects on the health, safety, morals and welfare of the residents and visitors to the areas where these devices exist.  By law, local governments have all powers of self-government which do not conflict with state laws, including those police powers sufficient to eliminate public nuisances and regulate activities which would otherwise cause harm to the public. Pursuant to the Town Charter, the Town Council hereby intends to regulate slot machines or devices to accomplish the purposes set forth above.
(Ord. 2007-04, passed 2-27-2007)