(A)   The city, upon determining the existence of a sanitary nuisance, as herein defined, shall notify the owner or tenant of the land or structure and, if known, the individual, organization or corporation committing, creating, keeping, or maintaining the insanitary condition to remove, abate or otherwise correct the insanitary condition within 48 hours, or such other reasonable time as may be determined by the city. The owner of the property shall be determined by and in reliance upon the records of the County Tax Collector.
   (B)   If the sanitary nuisance is not removed, abated, or corrected within the time prescribed in such notice, the city may enter such land and/or structure to correct the continuing sanitary nuisance in the following manner: Undertake whatever action is necessary to remove, abate, or correct such sanitary nuisance, the cost or expense of which shall be paid by the owner. If such cost is not paid to the city within ten (10) days after such removal, abatement or corrective action by the city, a lien may be imposed upon the property where the sanitary nuisance existed. The lien shall be recorded against the property in the official records of the county. A lien created under this section shall be co-equal with liens of all state, county, district, and municipal taxes, superior in dignity to all other liens, titles and claims until paid, and shall bear interest at the maximum rate allowable and permitted by law. The city shall have the right and authority to bring the necessary legal proceeding to enforce payment of such liens with all accrued interest and penalties, together with all legal costs incurred, including reasonable attorney's fees, to be assessed as part of the costs, in the event such lien is not paid. The foreclosure proceedings shall be prosecuted to a sale and conveyance of the property involved in said proceedings as provided by law in suits to foreclose mortgages; or, in the alternative, the proceedings may be instituted and prosecuted under Fla. Stat. Ch. 173.
('74 Code, § 12-18)  (Ord. 87-28, passed 6-18-87)  Penalty, see § 95.99