(a)   Applicability. In any Design Review District or Historic Preservation District, the construction, erection, alteration, removal, moving or demolition of any structure or building in any Design Review District or such action that will affect the exterior architectural features of such structure or building, shall require a certificate of appropriateness. Conditions under which a certificate of appropriateness shall not be required are set forth in Section 1133.03.
   (b)   Informal Review. Applicants are encouraged but not required to request informal reviews project with the Administrator or Design Review Board, as applicable, of projects prior to submitting applications for building permits or for certificates of appropriateness. The purpose of such informal reviews is to enable the applicant to discuss the standards, to promote coordination with other projects under consideration, to encourage a design process which will result in a design product meeting district standards, and to pursue other objectives in keeping with the intent of this chapter. The results of such informal reviews shall not be binding upon the City or the property owner.
   (c)   Application. In addition to the general application requirements set forth in Section 1111.03, applications for a certificate of appropriateness shall contain sufficient information to enable the Administrator to determine compliance with the requirements of this Code and may include:
      (1)   Reports, drawings or samples of materials to clearly represent the design of the building, structure or feature as it is intended to be built.
      (2)   Accurate description of dimensions, locations, colors, materials and other characteristics of the design.
      (3)   Representation of any existing exterior architectural feature proposed to be altered or removed.
   (d)   Review and Approval by the Administrator.
      (1)   The Administrator shall review all applications affecting properties located in any Design Review District and applications for alteration of properties located in the Historic Preservation District. Complete applications together with the related plans and specifications shall be reviewed as follows:
         A.   Within ten working days of receipt thereof for properties within any Design Review District.
         B.   Within 60 days of receipt thereof for properties within any Historic Preservation District.
      (2)   The Administrator shall approve the application and issue the certificate of appropriateness upon finding that it is in conformance with all the standards set forth in this Code.
      (3)   If the Administrator finds that the application is not in conformance with this Code, the applicant shall be notified in writing that a certificate of appropriateness cannot be issued.
      (4)   The applicant may alter his plans for resubmission or may appeal the Administrator's decision to the Design Review Board within ten days of the decision of the Administrator. Appeals shall be heard at the Board's next regular meeting which occurs ten or more days after the Administrator’s decision.
      (5)   The Administrator shall transmit complete applications for new construction and/or demolition within the Historic Preservation District to the Design Review Board for review and action.
   (e)   Review and Approval by the Design Review Board.
      (1)   The Design Review Board shall review all appeals from the Administrator and all applications for new construction and/or demolition within the Design Review and Historic Preservation Districts.
         A.   Appeals. The Design Review Board shall conduct a public hearing and take final action on each application for appeal of a certificate of appropriateness. The Design Review Board shall use the criteria set forth in Chapters 1129, 1131, and 1133 to review any appeals. Appeals shall be accompanied by all supporting documentation including a statement from the Administrator indicating the reasons for denial of the certificate of appropriateness.
         B.    New construction in Historic Preservation District. The Design Review Board shall use the criteria as set forth in Chapters 1129 and 1133 as the basis of their review.
         C.   Demolition. The demolition of all or part of a designated historic structure or of an existing building within a designated Historic Preservation District shall require the approval of the Design Review Board in accordance with Chapter 1133.
   (f)   Standards for Review. All applications for certificates of appropriateness shall demonstrate compliance with the standards and criteria set forth in Chapter 1133.
(Ord. 16-19. Passed 9-16-19; Ord. 18-22. Passed 10-3-22.)