The requirements of this section shall apply to all applications and procedures subject to development review under this Code.
   (a)   Authority to File Applications. Unless otherwise specified in this Code, development review applications may be initiated by any person, firm or corporation owning or leasing land that is subject of the application. If the applicant is not the owner of the land, the owner shall sign and be made a party to the application.
   (b)   Application Forms. Applications required under this Code shall be submitted on the forms made available by the Administrator. Applications shall be signed by the applicant and submitted along with three paper copies and one electronic copy, unless otherwise required by the Administrator.
   (c)   Site Plans and Drawings. Site plans shall be prepared by persons professionally qualified to prepare such plans and include the following:
      (1)   Site plans shall be clearly and accurately drawn to scale not smaller than one inch equals 20 feet except for larger sites when, at the discretion of the Administrator, a smaller scale will better reflect the appropriate site characteristics, but in no case shall the scale be smaller than one inch equals 50 feet. Site plans shall show all dimensions that are essential to evidence conformance with the requirements of the City Codified Ordinances as well as the standards prescribed herein.
      (2)   Location by lot number, subdivision, section, range and township or other surveys.
      (3)   Names, addresses and phone numbers of the owner, developer and registered professional engineer, registered architect or registered surveyor and appropriate registration numbers and seals.
      (4)   Date of survey.
      (5)   Scale of the plan; north arrow.
      (6)   Boundaries of the lot and its dimensions.
      (7)   Names of the adjacent owners.
      (8)   Locations, widths and names of existing streets, railroad rights-of-way, easements, parks, permanent buildings and corporation and township lines.
      (9)   Location of natural features including existing watercourses, wetlands and flood areas within and adjacent to the subject property for a minimum distance of 200 feet.
      (10)   Flood plain limits when a property or development is located in a flood hazard area as delineated by the Flood Insurance Rate Map for the City of Painesville.
      (11)   Zoning classification of the property and adjoining properties and a description of the proposed zoning changes, if any.
      (12)   Grading plan to include existing elevations and proposed final elevations (all elevations USGS Datum).
      (13)   Existing sewers, water lines, culverts and other underground structures, and power transmission poles and lines, within and adjacent to the subject property.
      (14)   Location and widths of proposed easements.
      (15)   The location and dimensions of any proposed lots to be platted.
      (16)   Location and approximate dimensions, including height, of main and accessory buildings with the existing and intended use of each building or structure or part thereof.
      (17)   Building setback lines with dimensions.
      (18)   Buildings and uses to be demolished or eliminated, if any.
      (19)   Statistical data on all relevant characteristics of the plans, including, as minimum, the type and number of dwelling units, parking areas, open space, the type of business or industry, and the total gross and net acreage involved.
      (20)   Vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation features within and without the site.
      (21)   The location and dimensions of all off-street parking areas, including the location, dimensions and approximate grade of proposed off-street parking and loading areas, alleys, pedestrian walks, streets and the points of vehicular ingress and egress to the development.
      (22)   The location, dimensions and proposed uses of all on-site recreation areas.
      (23)   Locational maps indicating the relationship of the sites to the surrounding land areas.
      (24)   Locations, sizes, and screening where applicable, of all required municipal utilities and improvements. Utilities and improvements required shall be sized and constructed in accordance with Chapter 1137, the City of Painesville Construction and Material Specifications and the City of Painesville Standards. Further, all commercial and industrial establishments, mercantile, educational and institutional occupancy, places of assembly, hotel, multi-family dwellings shall show on their plans placement of hydrants and main sizes shall be in accordance with Chapter 939 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Painesville. Utility connections shall be located so as to have minimum impact on the appearance, design or architectural styles of the site.
      (25)   Location of existing and proposed fire lanes as established by the Fire Chief.
      (26)   Provisions for refuse disposal and/or removal including the method of screening. Refuse areas shall be screened so as not to be visible from off the site.
      (27)   Landscape details including the location, height, number and type of plant material to be installed on the site as well as the location, type and maintenance provisions for any and all required buffers.
      (28)   Location, type and height of proposed outdoor lighting.
      (29)   Anticipated development phasing and scheduling.
      (30)   Proposed and existing signs, shown in accordance with the application requirements of Chapter 1127.
      (31)   The Administrator may waive any of the above requirements that are determined to be inapplicable in specific instances.
   (d)   Complete Application Determination.
      (1)   Upon determination that a complete submittal has been made, the Administrator shall declare the application to be officially filed and shall process the application in accordance with the procedures and timelines set forth in this Code.
      (2)   If an application is determined to be incomplete, the Administrator shall provide written notice to the applicant along with an explanation of the application's deficiencies. No further processing of an incomplete application shall occur until the deficiencies are corrected and the Administrator determines that the application is complete.
      (3)   If the applicant fails to correct all deficiencies and submit a complete application within 60 days of the notice provided by the Administrator, the incomplete application shall be deemed withdrawn and all fees forfeited. A new application and fee shall be required for reconsideration.
      (4)   If any false or misleading information is submitted or supplied by an applicant on an application, that application shall be deemed incomplete.
   (e)   Simultaneous Processing of Applications. Whenever two or more forms of review and approval are required under this Code, the Administrator shall determine the order and timing of review. The Administrator may authorize a simultaneous review of applications, so long as all applicable requirements are satisfied for all applications.
   (f)   Fees.
      (1)   Any application for development review under this Code shall be accompanied by such fee as shall be specified in Section 1105.05.
      (2)   No application shall be processed or determined to be complete until the established fee has been paid.
(Ord. 16-19. Passed 9-16-19; Ord. 18-22. Passed 10-3-22.)