§ 32.072  PERMITS.
   (A)   No person shall utilize any portion of city property for revenue producing activities or solicit funds for any business or for any activity involving public assemblage, exhibitions, concerts or entertainment except by conducting the activity pursuant to a permit issued by the approving agency provided that no permit shall be required for any action or event sponsored by the city.
   (B)   All permits issued hereunder shall be issued prior to the scheduled activity and are non-transferable. The approving agency may decline to issue a permit, however, when public safety personnel and other accommodations cannot be provided given the untimely application for the permits.
(1976 Code, § 3-7-3)  (Ord. 89, passed 7-26-1983; Ord. 555-10, passed 1-28-2010)  Penalty, see § 32.999