(a)    Any extension of water lines outside the City limits subsequent to the effective date hereof, as well as the sale of water outside the City limits for any new or additional use, service, or purpose, not authorized prior to the effective date of this section, is reserved to the exclusive control and jurisdiction of City Council.
   (b)    Council shall refer any request for water line extension outside the City limits or new or additional sale of water outside the City limits as set forth in subsection (a) hereof to the Planning Commission for its recommendation, and the Planning Commission shall have a minimum of ninety days in which to consider the matter; however, the granting of individual requests for additional sale of water outside of the City limits, where such sale would require an additional water tap into an existing line, is reserved to the exclusive control and jurisdiction of Council. Such requests do not require submission to the Planning Commission for report or recommendation.
   (c)    (1)   Ninety days subsequent to referral of the matter to Planning Commission, Council may consider such a request on its own individual merits, and Council in its discretion may grant or deny such a request provided that the granting of any such request shall be valid and effective only upon strict compliance with subsection (c)(3), as hereinafter set forth.
      (2)   If Council elects to grant such request, it may modify or alter the same and may impose such conditions, safeguards and terms as the merits of the specific request require.
      (3)   Council shall grant such a request only by ordinance and must determine that:
         A.    The City has a surplus of water sufficient to grant such request without any significant detriment to the City water supply; and
         B.    The granting of such request will be beneficial to the City and is in the best interest of the City;
         C.    Any subdivision or development resulting from the extension of a water line will be constructed in accordance with Chapter 1101 or the Oxford Codified Ordinances, Subdivision Regulations; and
         D.    The proposed improvements, including, but not limited to, streets, water and sewer lines, drainage facilities and sidewalks will be built in accordance with City of Oxford municipal construction standards.
         E.    The property or properties served by the extension of a municipal utility will be required to annex into the City limits upon the official request of the City. Appropriate language requiring such annexation must be placed upon the plat of the subdivision and within the language of the individual deeds, and must specifically state that the request of further annexation is binding on all future owners of the property.
   (d)    No such request shall be granted without full compliance with the foregoing provisions. (Ord.  3260.  Passed 12-17-13.)