If the owner of any building desires to install a private fire protection system in a manner complying with the rules of the American Insurance Association to be used only in case of fire, the City will install a water line from the main to the curb and place a valve and valve box at the main at the expense of the owner of the premises. No fire service shall be installed which has a carrying capacity of more than 50 percent of the carrying capacity of the water main to which it is connected. An ASSE 1015 Double Check or ASSE 1048 Double Check Detector Check backflow prevention device must be placed in the line between the valve that is installed by the City and the sprinkler head, hose connections or fire appurtenance to prevent water backing into the City's system. The water for fire purposes shall be free of charge. In cases deemed necessary by the Service Director, the proprietor must install a meter and pay regular meter rates for all water used, except in case of fire. It shall be a condition of the grant of such supply that the owner or occupant of the premises so supplied shall maintain the system in its entirety, free from leakage or improper operation and shall prevent the unauthorized destruction of the seals, thereon, except for the control of water discharge arising from the replacement of sprinkler heads or breakage of piping. In every case, the destruction of the seals shall be immediately reported to the City.
(Ord. 3260.  Passed 12-17-13.)