Application for the original installation of a supply from a City water main, or for any extension or alteration of an existing supply from the curb line, or within the street property line, shall be filed by an applicant with and for the approval of the Service Director prior to the performance of any such work. Such application shall be countersigned by the owner of the property or an authorized agent therefore. The applicant making such application shall provide, fully and truly, the legal description of the property, the street location, the officially designated building number, the size and character of the supply pipe and the fixtures or appliances to be supplied. Any additional information required for a full knowledge of the purpose of such supply shall be clearly and fully set forth by the applicant. The Service Director is herewith empowered to withhold approval of any application wherein such required information is not fully set forth. The Service Director shall withhold approval until the tap-in charges set forth in the City of Oxford's current fee ordinance are paid to the Finance Director.
(Ord. 3260.  Passed 12-17-13.)