The City Manager shall serve for an indefinite term, subject to removal by the Council at any time by a majority vote of all members elected thereto.  At least 30 days before such removal shall become effective, the Council shall adopt a preliminary resolution stating the reasons for the removal.  The Manager may reply in writing and may request a public hearing, which shall be held not earlier than 20 days nor later than 30 days after the filing of the request, before the full Council.  After such public hearing, if one is requested, and after full consideration, the Council may adopt a final resolution of removal.  The Council may, at the time the preliminary resolution is passed, suspend the Manager from duty and designate an acting Manager but shall cause forthwith the payment of any salary due the Manager to the date of suspension of the Manager. 
   Unless such suspension and removal is for misconduct of the Manager involving moral turpitude, the Manager shall be paid a salary for the period of suspension and 30 days following the removal from office.  In the case of voluntary resignation of the Manager, the Council and the Manager shall agree upon the effective date of the resignation.