Each proposed ordinance shall be introduced in writing by a member of the Council and in the form required for final adoption. The enacting clause shall be "The Council of the City of Oxford, Ohio, hereby ordains that…" Prior to introduction, a written copy of each proposed ordinance shall be provided to all members of Council and any member of the public requesting a copy.  The action proposed to be taken shall be fully and clearly set forth in the body of the ordinance.  Each ordinance shall contain one subject only which shall be stated clearly in the title.  No ordinance shall be passed without the concurrences of a majority of all members elected to Council, except that emergency ordinances, as hereinafter provided, shall require concurrence of 3/4 of all members elected to Council for passage.  Ordinance shall be read by title only on two different days before they may be enacted.  Council on motion adopted may require the second reading of a proposed ordinance in full.  However, if an emergency is declared as hereinafter provided, or if by 3/4 vote of all members elected to Council, the reading by title on two different days is dispensed with, in which cases such ordinances may be read one time by title only and passed on the day of such reading.  Final passage of all ordinances and resolutions shall be certified by the Mayor or Vice-Mayor and the Clerk of Council.