(A)   This chapter shall be known as the city minimum housing code, may be cited as such, and will be referred to herein as this code.
   (B)   The purpose of this code is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the use and occupancy, location and maintenance of all residential buildings and structures within this jurisdiction.
   (C)   The purpose of this code is not to create or otherwise establish or designate any particular class or group of persons who will or should be especially protected or benefited by this code.
   (D)   Objectives of this code include, but are not limited to:
      (1)   Protect the character and stability of residential areas within the city.
      (2)   Correct and prevent housing conditions that adversely affect, or are likely to adversely affect life, safety, health and general welfare of residents.
      (3)   Provide minimum standards for heating, sanitary equipment and for light and ventilation necessary to protect the health and safety of building occupants.
      (4)   Provide minimum standards for the maintenance of existing residential buildings, thus preventing substandard housing and blight.
      (5)   Preserve the value of land and buildings throughout the city.
   (E)   Except as otherwise provided by the terms of this chapter, any other ordinance, regulation or law, the city, its employees or agents will not intrude upon the accepted contractual relationships between landlord and tenant. The city, its employees or agents will not intervene as an advocate of either party.
(1992 Code, § 460:01) (Ord. 1315, passed 5-20-2003; Ord. passed - -)