(A)   (1)   Every organization permitted to conduct lawful gambling in the city shall quarterly file with the city copy of reports filed to the state.
      (2)   These reports are due 30 days after the quarter ends.
   (B)   Unless the information is shown in the documents filed under division (A) above, every organization not exempt from state licensing shall file an additional report with the city proving compliance with the trade area spending requirement imposed by this section. Such report shall be submitted annually on or before June 30.
   (C)   A copy of any lease agreement between a non-profit organization and an “on-sale” licensee shall be filed with the City Administrator with the premises permit application. The information submitted to the city shall contain a copy of the signed lease and a sketch showing the leased area; provided, however, with respect to organizations owning their own building, a lease and sketch are not required.
   (D)   All licensed or permitted gambling operations are deemed to have consented to inspection of the licensed or permitted premises by the city.
   (E)   Authorized employees or agents of the city may inspect, at any reasonable time without notice or search warrant, all records, including gambling accounts and other bank records required by the Board to be maintained and preserved.
(1992 Code, § 499:25)  (Ord. 1216, passed 11-16-1999; Ord. 1235, passed 6-20-2000; Ord. 1594, passed 8-20-2019)