(A)   License display. A license issued under this chapter must be posted in a conspicuous place in the premises for which it is used. The license issued is only effective for the compact and contiguous space specified in the approved license application.
   (B)   Licensed premises. A separate license is required for each place of business.
   (C)   Change in ownership. Any change, directly or beneficially, in the ownership of the licensed business shall require the application for a new license and the new owner must satisfy all current eligibility requirements.
   (D)   Non-transferable. Each license under this chapter shall be issued to the applicant only and shall not be transferable to any other person. No licensee shall loan, sell, give or assign a license to another person.
   (E)   Location restrictions. A license under this chapter authorizes the licensee to carry on its business only at the place of business designated on the license. However, upon written request, the city may approve an off-site locked and secured storage facility. Such a site must meet all city zoning requirements and must have the written approval of the City Fire Chief. Buildings used for the storage of consumer fireworks shall be non-residential, shall not exceed one story and shall be without basements. The licensee shall permit inspection of the facility in accordance with this chapter. Property shall be stored in compliance with all provisions of this code of ordinances and in compliance with the standards established by the City Fire Chief. The licensee must either own the premises on which the business is conducted, and any approved off-site storage facility, or have a lease on the business premises which extends for more than one month. No retail business transactions shall be conducted at this off-site storage site.
   (F)   Fire restrictions. Smoking, matches, open flames, spark-producing devices and firearms shall not be permitted inside of the licensed premises or an approved storage building or within 25 feet (7.6m) of stored consumer fireworks. Signs that read “FIREWORKS - NO SMOKING” in letters not less than four inches (101.6m) in height on a contrasting background shall be conspicuously posted.
   (G)   Flammable liquids, gases. No consumer fireworks shall be stored within 50 feet of any dispensing unit for flammable liquids or gases.
   (H)   Firefighting equipment. Portable firefighting equipment shall be provided in consumer fireworks storage areas as required by the authority having jurisdiction.
   (I)   Emergency action plan. The operator of each consumer fireworks storage building shall prepare a written emergency action plan for employees that provides specific directions to be followed in the event of a fire. Employees shall be trained to follow this plan.
(1992 Code, § 420:35) (Ord. 1310, passed 4-1-2003; Ord. 1341, passed 5-4-2004) Penalty, see § 111.99