§ 93.079  NOTICE.
   (A)   No repeat nuisance service call fee may be imposed against an owner or occupant of property without first providing the owner or occupant with written notice of the previous nuisance service calls prior to the latest nuisance service call rendered by the city upon which the fee is imposed.
   (B)   The written notice shall:
      (1)   State the nuisance conduct, activity or condition that is or has occurred or is maintained or permitted on the property, the dates of the nuisance conduct, activity or condition;
      (2)   State the owner or occupant may be subject to a repeat nuisance call service fee if a third nuisance service call is rendered to the property for the same nuisance, in addition to the city’s right to seek other legal remedies or actions for abatement of the nuisance or compliance with the law; and
      (3)   Be served personally or by U.S. mail upon the owner or occupant at the last known address.
(1992 Code, § 1092:10)  (Ord. 1288, passed 8-6-2002)