Miscellaneous Provisions
(Renumbered by Ord. 841, passed 10-18-1983)
   Section 10.1   VALIDITY OF ORDINANCES. The validity of any ordinance in force at the time of the adoption of this charter amendment and not inconsistent herewith, shall not be affected by the adoption hereof, but such ordinance shall continue and be in force until the same is repealed or amended. The provisions hereof shall not affect any action or proceeding pending at the time of adoption.
   Section 10.2   CONTINUANCE IN OFFICE. Except as specifically provided herein, the adoption of this charter shall not affect the terms of office or powers of any officer or member of any board theretofore appointed but the same shall continue in office until changed by ordinance or resolution.
   Section 10.3   EFFECTIVE DATE. This amended charter shall be in effect from and after the 29th day of March, 2000.