§ 72.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   General.
      (1)   It is a petty offense for any person to do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required by this chapter. A separate offense shall be deemed committed upon each day during which a violation occurs or continues. See § 10.99(A)(1)(c).
      (2)   A person charged with a petty offense shall not be entitled to a jury trial, but shall be tried by a judge without a jury. If convicted, he or she shall be punished by a fine of not more than $200.
      (3)   Any person violating parking restrictions contained in this chapter may fully satisfy such violation by inserting in the envelope used as a parking violation fee ticket, such sum of lawful money of the United States as is hereinafter set forth, and placing such envelope in parking violation fee box, or by leaving same at the Law Enforcement Center in the city, to-wit:
         (a)   1.   Parking beyond time limit:
First offense
Second and third offense
Fourth offense
Fifth offense
Sixth offense
Seventh offense
Eighth and subsequent offense
            2.   For the purpose of this section, offenses accumulate over a period of one year starting January 1 and ending December 31.
         (b)   Parking too close to fire hydrant: $20;
         (c)   Unlawfully parking in a handicapped zone: $100;
         (d)   Double parked illegally: $15;
         (e)   Parking in a prohibited area: $15;
         (f)   Parking in crosswalk: $15;
         (g)   Parking over 48 hours unattended: $15;
         (h)   Blocking private drive: $15;
         (i)   Obstructing traffic lane: $15;
         (j)   Parking so as to obstruct an alley: $15;
         (k)   Parked 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the Central Business District: $10;
         (l)   Parking too close to stop sign: $10;
         (m)   Parking in a yellow zone: $10;
         (n)   Other: $10;
         (o)   Winter parking violations: $20;
         (p)   Recreational vehicle parking violations: $20; and
         (q)   Intentionally obstructs or interferes with the enforcement of this chapter by removing the parking control officer’s chalk mark on the tires of a motor vehicle: $100.
         (r)   Parking in a 30 minute zone: $10;
         (s)   Parked in opposing traffic: $10;
         (t)   Parked 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.: $10;
         (u)   No parking school days 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.: $10;
         (v)   Parked over 24 hours: $10; and
         (w)   No stopping ordinance: $10.
      (4)   For violations of § 72.06 of this chapter, payments must be made within ten days. Late fees will be assessed as follows: after ten days, $10 penalty; and after 30 days but before issuance of a warrant, $30 penalty.
      (5)   Payments so made shall constitute a parking violation fee. All amounts collected after issuance of a warrant as hereinafter provided shall constitute a fine for ordinance violation and are subject to the jurisdiction of the District Court. After a warrant issues for the violation of this chapter, the bail and fine for said violation will be set by the Court; provided that, no warrant shall be issued unless a notice of violation by first class mail has been sent by the City Police Department to the last known registered owner of the vehicle involved.
(1992 Code, § 700:55)
   (B)   Use of proceeds. The monies returned from the fees, fines and charges for parking control violations shall be deposited in the General Fund of the city.
(1992 Code, § 700:60)
   (C)   Owner’s liability. The registered owner or real owner of a vehicle shall be responsible for any parking violation under this section committed by someone using said vehicle, unless said owner has prohibited said person from using said vehicle. All vehicles in violation are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
(1992 Code, § 700:70)
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