A list of the users which were significantly violating applicable pretreatment requirements or national categorical pretreatment standards during the 12 previous months may be annually published by the city in a local newspaper. The notification shall also summarize any enforcement actions taken against the user(s) during the same 12 months. For the purposes of this provision, significant violations would be those violations which remain uncorrected 45 days after notification of non-compliance; which are part of a pattern of non-compliance over a 12-month period; or which involve a failure to accurately report non-compliance. Notwithstanding the procedures described above, for the duration of the County Community XL project, the public notice procedures for significant non-compliance contained in the final project agreement (IIC4) will be used.
(1992 Code, § 277:39)  (Ord. 1248, passed 12-5-2000)