Boundaries, Wards and Powers
   Section 1.1   NAME AND BOUNDARIES. The City of Owatonna shall continue to be a municipal corporation under the name and style of City of Owatonna with the boundaries as from time to time established.
   Section 1.2   WARDS. The City is divided into five wards.
   Section 1.3   CHANGE IN WARD BOUNDARIES. The city council shall establish and may change ward boundaries at any time by ordinance adopted by five-sevenths vote.
   Section 1.4   POWERS OF CITY. The City may sue and be sued; shall have and use its present seal and may alter its seal at any time; shall be capable of contracting and being contracted with; may acquire by purchase, condemnation or otherwise, and hold, lease, sell, and convey real and personal property as its purposes may require or the transaction of its business may render convenient, within or without the limits of the City; may acquire, construct, own, lease, and operate public utilities and render public service of every kind; may license and regulate persons, corporations, and associations engaged in any business, occupation, trade, or profession; may define, prohibit, abate, or suppress all things detrimental to the health, morals, comfort, safety, convenience, and welfare of the inhabitants of the City and all nuisances and causes thereof; may regulate and control the use of the streets and other public places and ways; may make and enforce local police, sanitary and other regulations and may do and perform all other things necessary or convenient for maintaining and promoting the peace, good government, and welfare of the City and for the performance of all functions thereof. The City shall have all the powers possessed by municipal corporations at common law. It shall have, retain, and may exercise all powers, functions, rights, and privileges heretofore possessed by it or granted by the Laws of the State of Minnesota to cities of the class of which the City may at any time belong and any other powers, functions, rights, and privileges exercised by or which are incidental to or inherent in municipal corporations or which are not denied to it by the Constitution and Laws of the State of Minnesota or the provisions hereof. Its powers shall extend beyond its corporate limits as may be necessary for the effective exercise of any powers granted herein or as may be authorized by law. The City shall have full power to deal with all matters of municipal concern and have complete self-government in harmony with and subject to the Constitution and Laws of the State of Minnesota.