(A)   The Town Marshal, upon written application thereof and good cause shown, may issue a permit for transporting oversized and overweight vehicles and loads or other objects in excess of maximum width, height or length requirements and other objects of maximum gross weight in excess of the maximum size or gross weight of vehicles and loads specified by state law over streets, highways and bridges under the control, jurisdiction and authority of the town, exclusive of state or federal jurisdiction, whenever in the discretion of the officer, the street, highway or bridge will not be seriously damaged thereby.
   (B)   Any permit may be issued for a single trip or for a definite period of time not exceeding 30 days.
   (C)   The permit shall designate the route to be traversed and contain any other restrictions or conditions deemed necessary by the officer for proper protection of the highway, street or bridge.
   (D)   Before any permit shall be issued, the applicant shall satisfy the officer issuing the permit of applicant’s responsibility to respond in damages for any injury to the street, highway or bridge, or furnish satisfactory bond or other security to the satisfaction of the issuing officer.
   (E)   In lieu of any weight tax, the applicant shall pay a special permit fee, as set forth in § 10.98, which shall be collected and paid to the Controller of the town.
   (F)   (1)   Every permit shall be carried in or on the vehicle or other object to which it refers and shall be open to inspection by any peace officer.
      (2)   The issuance of a special permit shall not relieve the responsibility for damages to highways, streets or bridges, imposed by law.
(Ord. 2008-4, passed 6-9-2008; Ord. 2008-4, passed 9-7-2010; Ord. 2019-0319A, passed 3-19-2019)
Statutory reference:
   Size and weight regulations, see. I.C. 9-20-1-1 et seq.