Civil Emergencies
507.01   Definitions.
507.02   Authority of Mayor.
507.03   Proclamation.
507.04   Termination.
507.05   Effect of other laws; habeas corpus.
507.06   Action by Council.
507.07   Obedience to enforcement officers.
507.99   Penalty.
   Appointment of additional safety personnel - see Ohio R.C. 737.10
   Power to suppress disorder and keep peace - see Ohio R.C. 1905.20
   Use of force to suppress riot - see Ohio R.C. 2917.05
   Cordoning off riot areas, prohibiting sales of firearms and explosives - see
      Ohio R.C. 3761.16
   Emergency suspension of permits and sales by Director of Liquor Control -
      see Ohio R.C. 4301.251
   Criminal trespass - see GEN. OFF. 541.05