(a)   The Preliminary Plan stage requires the subdivider to provide all information deemed necessary to enable the Planning Commission to determine that the proposed layout is in conformity with these Regulations.  This step also insures that the subdivider shall not be required to expend additional money without some indication that his Final Plat will be eventually approved.
   (b)   The subdivider must submit an application for Preliminary Plan approval to the Planning Commission in accordance with the requirements set forth in subsection (c) hereof.  The Preliminary Plan shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer, licensed land surveyor, registered architect, or other qualified person.  The following information shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review.
      (1)   Two copies of the Application for Preliminary Plan Approval (see Appendix).
      (2)   Seven copies of the Preliminary Plan prepared by a qualified, registered civil engineer or surveyor, along with a reproducible tracing.
      (3)   Receipt indicating payment of the Preliminary Plan filing fee as required in Section 1121.05(a).
   (c)   Preliminary Plan Contents. The Preliminary Plan shall be drawn at a scale of 100 feet to the inch (1" = 100') and shall be drawn on one or more sheets no larger than twenty-three by thirty-six inches in size.  When drawn on several sheets, an index sheet showing the entire subdivision and match points on each sheet shall be provided.  The Preliminary Plan shall contain the following information:  (see Appendix)
      (1)   The name of the proposed subdivision, which shall not duplicate the name of another subdivision in Richland County.
      (2)   The location of the proposed subdivision by township, range, section, tract or other surveys.
      (3)   Names, addresses and phone numbers of the property owners, developer, and engineer or surveyor who prepared the Preliminary Plan.
      (4)   Scale of the Plan, north arrow and date of survey.
      (5)   The boundary lines of the proposed subdivision showing bearings, dimensions and acreage
      (6)   The location, right of way and pavement widths of all existing streets on and adjacent to the subdivision.
      (7)   The existing topography within the boundaries of the subdivision at an interval of two foot contours.
      (8)   The location and extent of all significant physical features of the site including watercourses, lakes (natural or manmade), marshes, tree coverage and other significant natural features.
      (9)   The location of all existing sewers, water lines, power transmission lines, pipelines and other utilities within and adjacent to the tract.
      (10)   The location, width and purpose of all other easements or rights of way.
      (11)   The present zoning classification of the tract and adjacent parcels and proposed zoning changes, if any.
      (12)   Required building setback lines with dimensions.
      (13)   The proposed arrangement of all lots, numbers and approximate dimensions of each lot.
      (14)   The location and size of all parcels to be reserved or dedicated for public use.
      (15)   Development summary including: total acreage, number of lots, average lot size and acres in streets, public sites and other public uses.
      (16)   A vicinity map, on or accompanying the plan, indicating the relationship of the proposed subdivision to existing subdivisions, existing and proposed thoroughfares and the proposed connections between the existing and proposed streets and roads.
   (d)   Submission of Preliminary Plan.  Upon determination by the Planning Commission that the Preliminary Plan has been properly submitted in accordance with the procedures and requirements of Section 1115.04 (b), the Planning Commission shall accept the Preliminary Plan as being officially submitted and it shall be so dated.
   (e)   Transmission of the Preliminary Plan.  The Chairman of the Planning Commission shall transmit additional copies of the Preliminary Plan to the City Engineer, County Health Department and to school boards and utility companies as he deems necessary for their review and comment.
   (f)   Effect of Preliminary Plan Approval
      (1)   Approval of a Preliminary Plan by the Planning Commission is not an acceptance of the Subdivision Plan for record, but only an expression of approval of a general plan as a guide for the preparation of a final subdivision plat for approval and recording upon fulfillment of all requirements of these Regulations.
      (2)   Approval shall be effective for a maximum period of twelve months unless upon application by the subdivider, the Planning Commission grants an extension.  If a final Subdivision Plat has not been submitted for approval within the time period, another Preliminary Plan must be submitted in accordance with these Regulations.
         (Ord. 77-19.  Passed 6-2-77.)