The following terms, as used in this title, shall have the respective meanings set forth in this section:
A county, municipality, independent special district under title 17A, chapter 2, Utah Code Annotated, independent special district, local district under title 17B, chapter 2, Utah Code Annotated, local districts, school district, interlocal cooperation entity established under title 11, chapter 13, Utah Code Annotated, interlocal cooperation act, specified public utility, a property owner, a property owners' association, or the Utah department of transportation, if:
A.   The entity's services or facilities are likely to require expansion or significant modification because of an intended land use;
B.   The entity has filed with the municipality a copy of the entity's general long range plan; or
C.   The entity has filed with the municipality a request for notice during the same calendar year and before the municipality provides notice to an affected entity in compliance with a requirement imposed under this title or other requirement of state law.
A street, existing or proposed, which serves or is intended to serve as a major trafficway and which may be designated on the master street plan or transportation master plan as a major arterial, minor arterial, controlled access highway, major street, parkway or other equivalent term to identify those streets comprising the basic structure of the street plan.
The city engineer of Ogden City, Utah.
A street, existing or proposed, of considerable continuity which serves or is intended to serve as the principal trafficway between large and separated areas or districts and which is the main means of access to the arterial street system and is designated on the master street plan or transportation master plan as a major collector, minor collector or other equivalent term.
A fully functional and operational infrastructure system constructed as part of a subdivision and, when applicable, actually connected to existing city infrastructure. Culinary water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, streets and landscaping are each a separate system. Storm sewer facilities associated with a street are not complete until any required street improvements are completed.
The individual designated in an application or petition, filed pursuant to the provisions of this title, to receive notices, copies of staff reports, and notices of final actions on a pending application.
The community and economic development department.
The manager, or the manager's designee, the city engineer, or the city engineer's designee, the city attorney, or the city attorney's designated assistant city attorney; representatives from the building services division, operations division, water division, fire department and police department; and other departments or divisions of the city as needed; or any company or agency, such as a utility company, which has been asked to review a preliminary or final plat under the provisions of this title.
The director of the community and economic development department, or the director's designee.
The regulations, design standards, and construction specifications for the construction of public improvements, as adopted by the city council and filed with the city recorder's office.
A landscaped median required as part of the general plan to be located in the center portion of a minimum eighty foot (80') collector road. A collector road for which an enhanced median is required is: Skyline Parkway.
A plan which identifies generally how the subdivider intends to extend water and sanitary sewer services, provide storm drainage and storm detention facilities, and extend public streets to and through the subdivision. All or some portions of the plan may be depicted on the preliminary plat. The plan shall:
A.   Identify the proposed location and size of all proposed sanitary sewers, water mains, storm sewers and storm detention basins, and their connection to existing facilities, including manholes, fire hydrants, and valves, and identify the water pressure in existing water mains;
B.   Identify proposed grades and widths of streets;
C.   Provide sufficient information to show how proposed mains and lines will be fed by gravity;
D.   Identify any proposed variations from the standards for public improvements adopted under chapter 3 of this title;
E.   Identify all private streets and any or all portions of water, sanitary sewer, or storm sewer facilities located within private streets which the subdivider is requesting to be owned and maintained by the city; and
F.   Provide a street light design following the approved engineering standards for street lighting for subdivisions which propose the construction of a street to be dedicated to the public or which proposes lot access to existing City streets.
Any planning, zoning, development, or subdivision ordinance of the city, including, but not limited to, the provisions of this title, commonly referred to as the subdivision ordinance of Ogden City and title 15 of this code, commonly referred to as the zoning ordinances of Ogden City, Utah. It is not intended to refer to the Ogden City general plan.
A street, existing or proposed, which is supplementary to a collector street and of limited continuity which serves or is intended to serve the local needs of a neighborhood.
Shall include, but not be limited to:
A.   Any amendment that results in or has the effect of decreasing open space in the subdivision by ten percent (10%) or more, increasing density in the subdivision by ten percent (10%) or more, increasing the number of lots by ten percent (10%) or more, or increasing the lot size of more than ten percent (10%) of the lots by an amount of five hundred (500) square feet or greater;
B.   A change in the alignment, connection or grade of a public or private street, that could alter the locations, alignments or connections of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer lines and facilities; or
C.   A change that would require amendment to any approved conditional use permit.
The manager of the current planning division of the community and economic development department of Ogden City.
A plan, labeled "Master Street Plan Of Ogden City", including maps or reports or both, which was, on September 11, 1951, certified to the board of commissioners as required by law, or such plan as it may be amended from time to time and so certified to the city council.
The next regularly scheduled meeting as determined by the rules and procedures of the planning commission, which meeting shall be held in a reasonable period of time following application and a determination by the manager that an application is ready for review.
The Ogden City planning commission.
The designs and specifications for all public improvements, and any related information and data necessary for review and approval of such plans.
Improvements intended to be owned, maintained and operated by the city after completion of construction by the subdivider and final inspection and acceptance of the city engineer, including, but not limited to, roadways, curb, gutter, and sidewalk; culinary water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage mains, lines and related facilities; and storm detention facilities. Public improvements include landscaping required by ordinance and on site stormwater facilities even though such improvements will be maintained by the property owner.
The director of the department of public services of Ogden City, Utah.
Any change in a plat or map of an approved or recorded subdivision that requires the filing of an amended plat or map or planning commission review of a preliminary plat, or the vacation of all or a portion of an existing plat or map as part of the recording of a new plat or map.
A.   Any land that is divided, resubdivided or proposed to be divided into two (2) or more lots, parcels, sites, units, plots, or other division of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, for offer, sale, lease or development either on the installment plan or upon any and all other plans, terms and conditions.
B.   "Subdivision" includes:
   1.   The division or development of land whether by deed, metes and bounds description, devise and testacy, lease, map, plat or other recorded instrument; and
   2.   Except as provided in subsection C of this definition, divisions of land for all residential and nonresidential uses, including land used or to be used for commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes.
C.   "Subdivision" does not include any of the following:
   1.   A bona fide division or partition of agricultural land for the purpose of joining one of the resulting separate parcels to a contiguous parcel of unsubdivided agricultural land, if certified by the director that neither the resulting combined parcel nor the parcel remaining from the division or partition violates an applicable land use ordinance.
   2.   A recorded agreement between owners of adjoining unsubdivided properties adjusting their mutual boundary, if certified by the director that:
      a.   No new lot is created; and
      b.   The adjustment does not violate applicable land use ordinances.
   3.   A recorded document, executed by the owner of record:
      a.   Revising the legal description of more than one contiguous unsubdivided parcel of property into one legal description encompassing all such parcels of property; or
      b.   Joining a subdivided parcel of property to another parcel of property that has not been subdivided, if the joinder does not violate applicable zoning ordinances.
   4.   A recorded agreement between owners of adjoining subdivided properties adjusting their mutual boundary if:
      a.   No new dwelling lot or housing unit will result from the adjustment; and
      b.   The adjustment will not violate any applicable land use ordinance.
D.   The joining of a subdivided parcel of property to another parcel of property that has not been subdivided does not constitute a "subdivision" under this definition as to the unsubdivided parcel of property or subject the unsubdivided parcel to the requirements of this chapter and chapters 2 and 3 of this title.
E.   The word "subdivide" and any derivative thereof shall have reference to the term "subdivision", as defined in this section. A condominium project shall be considered to be a subdivision as provided in Utah Code Annotated section 57-8-35.
Traffic signs limited to speed limit, yield and stop signs and stop bar pavement markings.
The master plan for streets and other transportation purposes as adopted by the Ogden City Council as the same may be amended.
The zoning ordinances of Ogden City, Utah, as adopted in title 15 of this code.
(Ord. 2013-35, 6-25-2013; amd. Ord. 2020-41, 9-15-2020)