A.   Materials Specified: The following materials shall not be set out for collection by city crews or contractors working for the city, whether placed in an automated cart or during any designated cleanup day as provided in subsection 12-2-1C of this chapter:
      1.   Highly inflammable or explosive materials, such as oil, gas or paint, except that a paint can may be placed in an automated cart not intended for recyclables, if the paint can lid is removed and the paint has been allowed to harden in the can prior to placement in the cart;
      2.   Hazardous or radioactive waste material;
      3.   Hot ashes, cinders, clinkers or stove ashes which could ignite other refuse;
      4.   Septic tank waste or holding tank waste from recreational vehicles or travel trailers;
      5.   Dead animals;
      6.   Large quantities of dirt, sod, rocks and concrete;
      7.   Large quantities of construction and demolition waste; or
      8.   Large bulky waste items such as appliances, furniture or metal objects.
   B.   Disposal Of Unacceptable Refuse: A customer having refuse which is not acceptable for collection may dispose of it at an approved solid waste collection facility in accordance with the facility rules and regulations during its normal business hours.
(1979 Code § 8.04.030; Ord. 97-91, 12-16-1997; amd. Ord. 2002-30, 5-7-2002)