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   A.   Findings; Jurisdiction: The city draws a portion of its domestic and culinary water from waters impounded in Pine View Reservoir and the city has a duty to its water users to protect the reservoir from pollution and contamination. The city has jurisdiction, pursuant to Utah Code Annotated section 10-8-15, to protect said waters and all other water from which it draws its city water supply and to penalize persons polluting or contaminating the same.
(1979 Code § 14.24.010; amd. Ord. 83-36, 12-22-1983; 1999 Code)
   B.   Enforcement: All peace officers of the state, including regular and special officers of the city police department and authorized personnel of the division, are authorized and charged with the duty to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
(1979 Code § 14.24.060; amd. Ord. 83-36, 12-22-1983; 1999 Code)
   C.   Pollution Prohibited: No person shall do any act whatsoever which tends to make impure or unwholesome the water in Pine View Reservoir; nor cast or drop into or allow to float in or fall into the water of said reservoir any filth, sewage, carrion, garbage or any excretion, clothing, paper, rags or other extraneous substance; nor do any act or thing that would pollute or tend to pollute the water of said reservoir.
(1979 Code § 14.24.050; amd. Ord. 83-36, 12-22-1983)