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The manager of the water division shall be responsible for the operation of the water utility system of the city and for all matters relating to said water utility system. The manager shall:
   A.   Be responsible for all water supply sources, structures, pumps, treatment equipment and pipe holding areas;
   B.   Maintain and operate all reservoirs, standpipes, water tanks, pump plants, treatment facilities, distribution pipe mains, service lines, fire hydrants, valves, regulators and all other facilities required to deliver culinary water to water users through the city water utility system;
   C.   Direct the location, construction, installation and replacement of all service lines, distribution mains, fire protection systems and fire hydrants;
   D.   Approve standards for water requirements in annexed areas and in new developments and subdivisions, all in accordance with the applicable ordinances, rules and regulations; and
   E.   Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law.
(1979 Code §§ 14.04.010, 14.04.020; amd. 1999 Code)