A.   Mayor; Chief Administrative Officer: The Mayor or Chief Administrative Officer is authorized to implement this title; and to recommend to the City Council such additional ordinances governing the use of the airport as are necessary or desirable. This title, any administrative orders implementing it and any amendments thereto shall be available to the public.
   B.   Airport Manager:
      1.   Under the direction of the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer, the Airport Manager shall have full power to carry out, administer and enforce this title to oversee its implementation, to receive applications and reports, to issue permits, approvals, and authorizations and to make designations on behalf of the City as provided in this title, and to manage the airport and airpark.
      2.   The Airport Manager, his or her representatives, and the City police shall have the authority to take the steps necessary for the handling, policing and protection of the public while at the airport and airpark.
(Ord. 2005-45, 7-19-2005)