A.   The mayor may, on behalf of the city, enter into a sponsorship naming agreement with an individual, group of individuals or organization under which a city facility specifically used to promote cultural arts or recreation is named or renamed in exchange for cash or other significant contributions to the city. Any such agreement must be in writing, and the naming or renaming of any city facility pursuant to such agreement must comply with the naming criteria of this chapter. The written agreement must be specifically referenced in the joint resolution approving such naming or renaming. The sponsorship naming agreement must:
      1.   Describe the consideration given in exchange for naming rights;
      2.   If deemed necessary, provide for an endowment fund or other financial resources sufficient to pay the city facility's ongoing maintenance costs;
      3.   State that the city reserves the right to immediately and unilaterally remove the city facility name should the city learn or otherwise determine that the individual, group of individuals or organization (including any owner, officer or director of such organization) has engaged in conduct or activities deemed contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals, or has breached the sponsorship naming agreement;
      4.   Specify the circumstances under which the agreement may be terminated;
      5.   Specify the exact length of time the city facility name will be used. A sponsorship naming right should not endure in perpetuity and is subject to renaming except as limited in the sponsorship naming agreement; and
      6.   Be reviewed and approved by the city attorney's office prior to execution by the mayor. A sponsorship naming agreement signed by the mayor is subject to and contingent upon adoption of a joint resolution and ordinance pursuant to this chapter to name the city facility.
   B.   The donation of land, facilities, or funds for the acquisition, renovation or maintenance of any real property, facilities, amenities, or any other resources directly or indirectly related to any city facility shall not constitute an obligation by the city to name such city facility, or any portion thereof, after any individual, group of individuals, or organization, except as set forth in a sponsorship naming agreement executed and approved pursuant to this section.
(Ord. 2012-55, 12-18-2012)