2070-2: POLICY:
It is the policy of the Ogden City administration that an Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) may exercise its discretion to deny, delay or revoke issuance of an Airport Identification Badge to a person who fails or refuses to comply with airport-related obligations, as follows:
   A.   Compliance Inquiries: As a part of the Badge application process, an ASC may reasonably inquire into an applicant's compliance with airport-related laws, ordinances, regulations, policies, rules, and contracts. 
   B.   Badge Denial: An Airport Security Coordinator may deny, delay, or revoke issuance of a Badge to any person who the ASC reasonably determines to have:
      1.   Engaged in serious violations of airport-related laws, ordinances, regulations, policies adversely affecting the safety, security or well-being of the airport, its facilities, or its users, with or without prior notice; or,
      2.   Failed or refused to timely comply with any airport-related laws, ordinances, regulations, policies, rules or contracts, upon notice of a violation.
   C.   Reconsideration: A person who has been denied an Airport Identification Badge, or whose Badge has been revoked, may submit a written request to the Airport Manager/Primary ASC to reconsider denial or revocation of issuance of a Badge.  The writing should include a detailed description of all facts relevant to the request, including those facts related to the person's compliance and resolution of any alleged violations. The Airport Manager/Primary ASC may exercise reasonable discretion to grant or deny requests for reconsideration.
   D.   Grievance: Any person who claims a severe hardship caused by an abuse of discretion by the Airport Manager/Primary ASC in denying a request for reconsideration may file a grievance pursuant to Section 8-1-5, Ogden City Code.
   E.   Airport Security Plan: This administrative policy is subordinate to, and in furtherance of, the Airport Security Plan.  If any term of this policy is found to conflict with the Airport Security Plan, the terms of the Airport Security Plan shall govern and control. Any term used in this policy shall have the same definition as that term signifies in the Airport Security Plan.  (Eff. 5-18-2021)