2070-1: PURPOSE:
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and authority to a Primary or Alternate  Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) in the exercise of discretion with respect to granting, denying, and revoking Airport Identification Badges to airport users.  The granting of an Airport Identification Badge ("Badge") permitting the bearer unescorted access authority to secure areas within the airport, is a privilege not a right.  Airport tenants, operators, and users have no contractual or property interest in the issuance or retention of a Badge.  A Badge must be relinquished by the bearer, upon demand of an ASC.  The city retains ownership of a Badge after it is issued.  A person issued a Badge affirmatively commits to observe, discover, challenge, and report potential airport security threats at the airport on behalf of the city.  A Badge bearer is also entrusted to escort non-badge holders in secure areas of the airport consistent with the Airport Security Plan. The issuance of a Badge reflects the city's confidence in the bearer to act on the city's behalf to ensure compliance with city security policies.  An ASC may reasonably conclude that a person's failure or refusal to comply with airport-related laws, ordinances, policies, regulations, rules, and contractual obligations negatively reflects on the person's reliability and trustworthiness to carry out airport security obligations on behalf of the city.  Furthermore, verifying a person's compliance with previously granted airport privileges, before granting new or additional privileges, aids in the efficient management of the airport and encouragement of airport compliance. Thus, a person's noncompliance with airport-related laws, ordinances, policies, regulations, rules, and contracts may disqualify a person from receiving or retaining a Badge, as set forth in this policy.  (Eff. 5-18-2021)