Unless otherwise specified or approved by the urban forester, all tree species, cultivars and varieties will conform to American Association of Nurserymen Standards in size and quality.
   A.   Size: Tree diameter (caliper) shall be measured as it stands in a natural position, six inches (6") above the appropriate soil line for that species. Stock used on city property shall meet the minimum and maximum sizes specified. Larger sizes may be required to ensure survival, provide a designed landscape effect or produce a desired aesthetic quality in accordance with certain city ordinances, regulations, or planning pertaining to property development and/or zoning. However, large trees and plants that have been cut back in order to achieve specified sizes will not be accepted.
The following are the approved minimum sizes of tree stock to be planted on city property.
Shade tree (residential)
11/2 inches – 21/2 inches
Shade tree (commercial)
2 inches – 21/2 inches
Ornamental trees
15 – 20 gallon containers
Evergreen trees (commercial)
5 feet – 6 feet in height
5 gallon container
   B.   Quality:
      1.   All trees and shrubs shall be of standard quality as set forth by the American Association of Nurserymen Standards and shall be true to their names, types and typical of their species, cultivars or varieties. All publications are available at the Ogden City public ways and parks office, located at 1875 Monroe Boulevard, upon request.
      2.   All trees and shrubs shall have normal, well developed branches that exhibit vigorous shoot and bud development. They shall be sound, healthy, vigorous plants free from defects, disfigurements, knots, cankers, mechanical or biological abrasions of the bark, sunscald, disease, insects, and all other forms of infections or objectionable disfigurements. Roots shall be established but not root bound, they shall be normal, healthy, vigorous systems free from extensive damage, drying or abnormalities. All plants will be nursery grown stock unless otherwise specified or approved by the urban forester and shall have been lifted the fall or winter prior to the planting season.
      3.   All balled and burlapped plants shall have a solid ball of earth of adequate specified size held in place securely. Ball will be confined securely with wrapped burlap and tightly bound with twine or rope. The burlap ball shall be encompassed by a firm wire basket designed for the size and shape of the ball. Broken, loose, damaged or manufactured balls will be rejected.
      4.   Containerized plants should not be root bound in their containers. Roots that circle the container can become strangulated roots and hinder future growth of the plant. Extensive roots that have grown out through the drain ports of the container may be dried or damaged and become a source for infection and additional stress for the plant. Any or all abnormalities listed above shall be reason for rejection.
      5.   Bare root plants shall have abundant root growth, fibrous and numerous small roots with good color and moisture. Kinked, circling roots or mechanical/biological abrasions of the roots shall be reason for rejection. (Eff. 3-14-2007)