1900-2: POLICY:
Any and all work performed on street trees or park trees shall comply with Ogden City's urban forestry ordinances (title 6, chapter 2 of the Ogden municipal code) and these Ogden City arboricultural regulations.
   A.   Modified; Amended; Extended: These arboricultural regulations may be modified, amended, or extended in accordance with section 6-2-5 of the Ogden municipal code, at any time that experience, new research, technology or laws indicate improved methods or circumstances make it advisable.
   B.   Regulations To Be Reviewed: The urban forester, in conjunction with the Ogden City urban forestry advisory committee, should review these arboricultural regulations once every two (2) years in order to update the methods, procedures, species, cultivars and varieties included in this policy. Upon review, circumstances indicating a need for change should determine addition of methods, procedures, species, cultivars and varieties of proven dependability and value, or removal of obsolete, improper and unsatisfactory information.
   C.   Urban Forest Management Plan: In the event that the Ogden City urban forest management plan dictates that individual street blocks are assigned one or more particular species or varieties of trees, only those trees shall be planted subject to revision of said plan.
   D.   Public Nuisance: The owner or occupant will correct trees located on private property declared a public nuisance, under the criteria defined in section 6-2-10 of the Ogden municipal code.
   E.   General: All work herein described shall be conducted in such a manner as to cause the least possible interference with or annoyance to others.
      1.   Inadequately or improperly trained personnel shall not be utilized for work on or with city trees beyond their known capacity or ability to perform properly or safely.
      2.   Pedestrian and vehicular traffic shall be allowed to pass through the work areas only under conditions of safety and with as little inconvenience and delay as possible.
      3.   Adequate barricades and warning devices shall be placed and flagmen shall be stationed as necessary for the safety of persons and vehicles in accordance with the "Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices".
      4.   It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the private business of planting, cutting, trimming, pruning, removing, spraying or otherwise treating city trees, shrubs or plants within the city without first procuring a business license and a tree permit from the city.
   F.   Cabling And Bracing: Cabling and bracing will only be done when no other arboricultural practice is a viable solution to the individual tree's situation. In the case where cabling is an effective method of treatment, it will only be done on trees of high community value. If the urban forester recommends cabling, the cabling/bracing operation will only be conducted by Ogden City forestry personnel or qualified certified arborist. (Eff. 3-14-2007)