1900-1: PURPOSE:
The purpose of these regulations is to implement the provisions of subsection 6-2-5A of the Ogden municipal code authorizing the adoption of arboricultural regulations concerning park trees and street trees, as defined below. Specifically, these regulations are intended to accomplish the following:
   A.   Prohibit the planting and growing of the type or kind of trees prone to disease and insects or injurious to sidewalks and curbs and designates such types and kinds of trees and shrubs permitted to be planted hereafter as park trees and street trees.
   B.   Provide a plan of proper planting and growth of trees for the beautification of streets in Ogden that allows implementation of any existing or future street tree plan as adopted by the council as part of the Ogden City general plan.
   C.   Protect trees from improper care by establishing the standard methods of tree care for park trees and street trees including guidelines for trimming, spraying, removal, planting and pruning.
   D.   Prevent trees on city or private property from becoming a public nuisance. (Eff. 3-14-2007)