A.   All technology projects are submitted to IT management. Projects are requested, scored, approved, and implemented according to the following procedures. (See technical standards and operational protocol document for additional project governance details.)
   B.   Users initiate technology project requests by consulting their IT Division Customer Account Coordinator (CAC).
   C.   The IT CAC creates a project request and submits it to IT management for review to assure the request meets City infrastructure, security, and other associated requirements. In some cases, where IT services are minimally needed, the user may be directed to proceed with their project without direct IT involvement.
   D.   The IT Division Manager submits projects to the IT Steering Committee for review. This committee may adjust project priority. (See technical standards and operational protocol document details.)
   E.   The IT CAC, in conjunction with the requesting department, undertakes detailed analysis of the approved request requirements and prepares a written, detailed project scope document (PSD).
   F.   The completed PSD, which contains a complete scope including specifications, requirements, project acceptance criteria, scheduling, and project funding, is submitted to the IT Division Manager and user stakeholders for approval.
   G.   The IT CAC manages the project development under the direction of the requesting user and performs thorough testing on the project before turning work over to the user as a finished product. The user is given an opportunity to test the product before final acceptance to ensure it meets the acceptance criterion specifications in the PSD proposal.
   H.   Upon user acceptance user stakeholders and IT signs the project completion document.
   I.   The IT CAC will record time and costs expended on projects on the PSD. This data is important for future project budgeting and estimation purposes.
   J.   The IT CAC coordinates compilation of documentation throughout the process, publishes it in a professional manner for both the IT Division and the requesting department, and logs it appropriately. (Eff. 2-28-2019)