A.   The users and department/division requesting projects are responsible for engaging IT Customer Account Coordinator (CAC) staff at ideation of each project, and for the high level decision making, overall planning, prioritization, and implementation of their projects including overseeing preparation of any required contractual agreements. If a department/division fails to notify IT of project initiation or acquisition of equipment, IT may charge back to the department for the costs associated with making any modifications.
   B.   The IT Division has the responsibility of managing project activities under the direction of the requesting user, and providing project consultation, coordination, facilitation, and technical services to users, making work assignments, ensuring programming, security, and documentation standards are adhered to, and providing system hardware and software to run the application.
   C.   Technology projects are proposed, prioritized, approved, and developed according to approved technology and project governance. (See Ogden City administrative policies, title 5, Data Processing; Communications Services). (Eff. 2-28-2019)