Upon application for a license, the applicant shall furnish the City Clerk, along with the application, proof of insurance in the amount of $300,000/ $100,000 liability and property damage, and at that time, shall file with the Clerk a proposed rate schedule for services to be performed for a residential application. The proposed rate schedule shall set forth the type of service to be offered and the price for same, including the size and number of cans per pickup for the charge, the charge for any extra cans, the charge for the bags, the size of the bags and the charge for bundles and size of the bundles, whether this is once a week or twice a week pickup, and shall include an unlimited service charge. The proposed rate schedule shall also set forth the days or day of each week that the collector shall schedule his or her pickup within the city. Applications for license renewal shall be due on or before May 1 of each year. All documentation and information that is required for a new application shall also be provided for a renewal  request. A license shall be granted only upon approval by the City Council of a proposed rate schedule. Once approved, the rate schedule shall be valid for one year and the licensee shall not be permitted to increase prices on the schedule for that same period.
(1999 Code, § 50.05)  (Ord. 1683, passed 3-21-1994)